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Bruno Putzey's Minimalist Balanced Preamplifier Board

Bruno Putzey's Minimalist Balanced Preamplifier Board

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This is a PCB for the minimalist balanced preamplifier designed by Bruno Putzey as a demo project for his article "The G Word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground".

The article was originally published in Linear Audio Vol.5; a PCB was included with the volume. Later, the article appeared on multiple web sites, including The article discusses the design at length and contains the schematic and the part list.

The board carries a purist balanced stereo preamplifier with two pairs of XLR inputs and one pair or XLR outputs. The power supply, except the transformer and its mains wiring, is included on the board.

The boards requires soldering SMT components with packages as small as 0805 (2.0x1.2mm) and SOD323 (1.7x1.25mm).

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